My Declaration of Dependence

declaration of dependence

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I declared my independence.

The decision was final, and well within my power to do so, since I sat (out of place) as both judge and jury. I rejected hearing any eyewitness testimonies, and overruled all presentations of evidence proving His innocence. I denied His unconditional love for me, since in my omniscience, love would not have allowed what was allowed. Not according to my definition of love, which was law.

Because He let me down, because He did not operate how and when I thought He should, I thought I could do no worse independent of Him.

I Forgive You, God

Ever been in a perceived place of forgiving God? A place where you know you were (or are) mad at Him. You run to your room like a child and scream into your pillow all the things you wish you could say out loud, but can’t. And you realize – you’ve got it all wrong.

Ever needed a change of heart, where you resolve to hold God harmless and blameless for the things that have happened? You release the anger and make that decision to re-submit to His will. You know that no court in the heavens, on Earth, or beneath the Earth could ever find Him guilty of not loving you – guilty of not acting in your best interest – guilty of planning harm to come to you.

Funny how only my Beloved Accused could rescue me from the thoughts that held me hostage. Only Jesus Christ could pay the high ransom on my head, and design my utterly genius escape route from myself, from my independence.

So, what’s the play call?

This month, as our country celebrates its independence, let’s rejoice and celebrate our declaration of dependence on God.

Declare it! “God, I need You!” Put it out there for all to see.

I need You in my life, God! Every beat of my heart totally depends on You. You have been nothing but a consistent, loving source of everything I need, I am, and will ever be.

We appreciate You, God, and we place our trust in You. And, like a child hanging from Daddy’s neck, Your arms will never let us fall.

Team, tell us about a time YOUR independence from God shifted to dependence on God.

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